Windows Forms

Using ASP.NET Application Services in Windows Applications
Since their introduction ASP.NET application services are popular and widely adopted means to implement membership, profile and role based security in web applications. Starting from .NET framework 3.5, Windows applications can also avail these features under the banner of Client Application Services. In this article I will show you how these services can be consumed in Windows Forms applications.
Posted On : 11 May 2008
Working with the DataGridView Control
Displaying data in tabular format is one of the common requirements in Windows-based applications. No wonder the DataGridView control is popular amongst Windows Forms developers. The DataGridView control has many enhancements over the earlier DataGrid and it is worthwhile for any Windows developer to master this control.
Posted On : 04 Feb 2008
Tabbed web browser using WebBrowser control
This is a sample illustrating the use of WebBrowser control. The application consists of a Window Form that displays web pages in tabbed manner (like Firefox). Standard browser functions i.e. Back, Forward, Stop and Home are available.
Posted On : 25 Mar 2006
"My" Objects of VB.NET
One of the new cool feature added to VB.NET is "My" objects. My objects is a set of objects that are implicitly available to your application which provide short cut to many tasks otherwise seem tedious. For example, to know details about the computer on which the application is running such as name, memory, clock and network you have My.Computer object.
Posted On : 06 Nov 2005
Using Windows Clipboard Programmatically
Windows uses clipboard to store data that be transferred from one application to another. Most of the times you use the famous Ctrl+X, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V keystrokes to cut, copy and paste data. However, sometimes you may want to place some data on the clipboard through code. In such cases you can use Clipboard class to achieve the task. In this code sample you will see how to do just that.
Posted On : 11 Jul 2004
Developing Smart Client Apps Coupled With Web Services
Smart Client Applications are nothing but Windows Forms applications accessed over Internet using browser. In this article I will explain you what a smart client application is and how it offers an attractive model if coupled with ASP.NET web services.
Posted On : 13 Apr 2003
Windows Custom Control to Validate Numbers, Alphabets and Alphanumeric Entries
In this code sample we will see how to create your own custom control that inherits from the standard TextBox control and extends its functionality to validate numbers, alphabets and alphanumeric characters.
Posted On : 07 Apr 2003
Controlling Windows Services
In this article Chockalingam will explain about monitoring the Windows Services in local and remote machines. He uses ServiceController class for this purpose and develops a simple application that lists available services, starts and stop them.
Posted On : 08 Mar 2003
Creating a Windows Service using VB.NET
In this article Chockalingam will show you how to create a windows service that monitors a specific folder on the disk. If any file is renamed, created, modified or deleted, the service will keep its track in the system log.
Posted On : 01 Mar 2003
Create User Control to Validate Commonly Used Data Formats
In this article I will explain how to create a windows user control that enhances System.Windows.Forms.TextBox control to validate the data entered.
Posted On : 21 Jan 2003