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Guest Book Developed in ASP.NET


This application is simple Guest Book developed using ASP.NET and VB.NET. Even though the application is simple it illustrates many .NET concepts. Following are some important concepts you will learn :
  • Creating ASP.NET web forms
  • Using DataGrid
  • Data binding
  • Basic ADO.NET operations like insert and read
  • Sending e-mails using .NET libraries
  • Using web.config to store application specific settings

Application Files

The application contains 4 files :
  • viewguestbook.aspx : This page displays the entire guest book in a DataGrid. It displays 5 rows at a time. It also allows user to sort the grid on the basis of name,e mail,country etc.
  • addguest.aspx : This page displays a blank screen for the user to add himself/herself to the guest book
  • sendmail.aspx : This page displays a 'new mail' form and sends message to the selected user
  • guestbook.vb : This is source code file which contains data access functions used in the application

Application Database

All data is stored in guestbook.mdb. You need to create a DSN for this database. Instead of hard coding DSN name in the application, I have put it in web.config file.

Data Access Component

I have created a simple data access component in VB.NET which fetches the data and performs data base tasks like adding user, retrieving a field etc. This component uses the DSN setting entered in web.config to connect with the database. The code also contains some other methods which are currently not implemented

Bipin Joshi is a software consultant, trainer, author and spiritual yoga mentor having 23+ years of experience in software development. He teaches online training courses in ASP.NET Core, Angular, and Design Patterns to individuals and small groups. He is a published author and has authored or co-authored books for Apress and Wrox press. Having embraced the Yoga way of life he also teaches Ajapa Yoga to interested individuals. To know more about him click here.

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Posted On : 22 April 2001

Tags : ASP.NET Server Controls Projects Components Configuration Data Controls

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